Criminal Justice

Violent Offenses

Violent crimes frequently receive more media attention than other cases and therefore receive more attention from prosecutors.  Defendants facing allegations of violent crimes are more likely to be the target of motions for Pretrial Detention, where the prosecution asks the courts to hold defendants in custody while their case is pending.  These types of offenses also carry some of the harshest penalties, and for that reason, they frequently go to trial.  In these types of cases, it is critically important that you have an experienced team of lawyers with a proven track record of success on your side.

Our attorneys have an exceptional record of defeating Preventive Detention motions and successfully keeping our clients out of custody while their cases are pending.

Drug Offenses

Frequently drug crimes are part of a cycle of substance abuse or mental health-related issues.  It can be hard to get out of the cycle, when the legal system frequently places no value on treating people with compassion and looking for ways to help, instead of seeking to brand them as criminals and seeking incarceration.  Convictions for drug-related offenses can seriously impact a person’s life – felony convictions make it impossible to get student loans and multiple felony convictions expose people to increased sentences under habitual offender sentencing laws.

Drug crimes are frequently overcharged, with people possessing moderate quantities of drugs being charged with drug trafficking and facing pressure to accept a quick guilty or no contest plea.  This has a serious effect on a person’s sentencing exposure since a second trafficking conviction becomes a first-degree felony carrying a mandatory 18-year prison sentence.

We can help.  Often many of these cases involve actions by law enforcement that have violated your Constitutional rights. Our attorneys have had great success in getting evidence suppressed and cases dismissed because of these violations.  We know how to work these cases to get the best results.

Sex Offenses

Convictions for sex offenses come with steep costs.  Convictions for qualifying sex offenses carry mandatory sex offender registration ranging from ten years for less serious offenses, up to Lifetime Registration.  This registration requirement includes updating your address with the sheriff’s office multiple times a year, disclosing your status as a convicted sex offender to every future employer, every educational institution you wish to attend, and every organization you hope to volunteer for.

Defending sex offenses is a particularly specialized and technical area of criminal defense.  These Examiners (SANE), DNA experts, and forensic computer analysts.  If you are being accused of a sex offense, you need attorneys who have fought these cases before and who know what demands to make, what motions to file, how to break down expert witness testimony, and how to take this kind of case to trial and win. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating and trying these serious cases.  Let our attorneys use their knowledge, skill, and reputation to help you fight your case.